He is my Shepherd.

by YFA15904
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Things I've never got borred with

Raquel's food
Singing like Jaian
Skype with Yuta Ken
Family and Obaachan

just thinkig of these things bring me huge peace

If you are tired, you should try.

Actually, I am addicted to these.

Yeah, I am totally counting on these.

because these are the things You gave me.

Afterall, I am totally on You.
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-30 09:24


Mountains and hills are always challenging me.

When they are enemy to me, I just get tired when I climb

and feel like conquiring it.

When they are friend to me, they give me outstanding view and feeling.

My life is always challenging me,

or it is just wanting to play with me.

it is my friend.

I like to climb up better than climb down.

I have a lot of mountains to climb.

They are my dreams.

I cannnot wait to show you pictures, and write in Japanese!
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-27 11:55


So long.

I was traveling.

It was to look for Bushido, later I figured out.

I decided to be Bushi

Like Katsuo Bushi,

I wanna have a lot of salt.

Pero falta mucho mucho macho.

Only a month left
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-24 02:59

Te quiero mucho

I was walking when a guy tried to stop me.

I thought that he was asking for money, so I told him that I had

nothing out of apathy, selfishness, and I bet, of fear

But he just said,

"No, I have a question. What does it say on your Tshirts?"

So I answered.

Then he was content. and said to me

"Te quiero mucho"

I denied him, and he told me that he loves me a lot.

Finally, I got it that He is in him.

I denied Him, and He loved me.

Maybe it is too late, but I want to tell Him, and you,

"Te quiero muchisimo"
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-12 09:22


4 birds came in front of me waiting for my friend

They start eating something on the street

they were so serious

they were doing their very best

just to pick stuff meekly and pridelessly

they were so serious that they did not realize me staring at them

sound stupid? looks stupid?

but they can fly

but they are free
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-12 09:13


Last night my friend was calling,

saying "Hola, Vaca vaca vaca."

I smiled. My Japanese is still alive.

I ate a lot of smoked meat of Ovaca san.

I love Vaka.
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-10 04:47


It is my favorite thing to go eat pizza with my teammates de gym.

Once a week, after practicing, we walk to one little restaurant.

Although there are so many of pizza places on the street,

we walk a lot to the one they like.

Like today, we ate pizza right in front of a MacDonald.

I love this culture, eating pizza around midnight.

The pizza does not have any but tomate souce and muzzalera.

However, it is the best pizza ever.

como I like simple rice, simple woman, simple fencing,

simple love, simple haircut, simple clothing, simple prayer,

I love simple pizza! the pizza without making-up.

It is a trinity of pan, salsa de tomate, y muzzalera.


Pansa llena corazon contento again.
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-07 11:56


When we learn language, there is always certain order

but also, there are several irregulars

with no doubt, the languages are God's creation

there are always irrgulars in perfection

because He need them.

In pre school, there are always irregulars

and usually, they are picked on

normally, people are frustlated with irregulars

but I love them. becuase I was them.

Don't cry.

There are always irregulars.

And being irregulars is regular for you.

He loves you.

He needed you when He made you that way.

And I love you.

Dear Salt
by yfa15904 | 2008-03-04 02:50