He is my Shepherd.

by YFA15904

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we clarify because things are not clear

we justify because things are not just

justify never works or even harms

we are not just

for that, there is a precious treasure hidden in the unjust world

shall we forgive?

You don't have to justify yourself

I know you are tired of it


you can forgive you
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-28 04:58

pansa llena corazon contento

What is "Das and Mom"? Sorry for my series of english errors.

But I like it because "Das" sounds friendly.

Please help me Das. Thank you Das.

I love this.

Today was Sunday. I stayed in my friend's house last night.

And today, we had lunch together. It was pasta. And there was wine.

Yes, it was Lord's supper!

My frieds were jokingly saying, "La sangre de Jesus!(the blood of Jesus)"

And the conversation was full of so called "sinful" topic.

chicas chicas chicas girs girls girls

And this was one of my best lunchs with Jesus.

I believe when Jesus was eating with tax correctors and sinners,

the conversation was like that.

When I told them that I would have sex with just one, they laughed at

me, and afterwards, accepted me. They love me.

When Jesus told them that He loves them, they must have laughed at

Him, and afterwards, accepted Him. They love Him.

When I said the Bible is alive, they nodded.

I do not know what happened, but that is unspeakable His presense.

Yes, it was not at church

what I was drinking was coke

we were talking about girls

There He was. He jsut cares whether we are

pansa llena corazon contento

Onaka Ippai Kokoro Shiawase
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-25 08:04

just as

Das and Mom

Thank you very much for letting me to come here

My friends

Thank you for always being my friends

just as a clock never stops going, I never stop going

just as a clock breaks, I break

just as a clock goes wring, I go wrong

just as a clock sometimes goes beyond the time,

we go beyond the time

I mean
thank y'all very much
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-21 10:22

Seek first what

We are going to Argentina next week.

We are going to Brazil sometime in this semester.

I didn' t know that we were going to a lot of places, and it's all

included in the study abroad fee!

When I decided to give up things that I loved, to seek Him first,

I was still happy because He is resouce of my happiness.

But I expect that I would never be able to seek those others

that I gave up.

It was my underestimation.

When I seek Him first, everything including them came to me.

It came to me not to raise me up.

Quit a bit of people tell me, "you do too much stuff."


But if I seek Him, I will do more

He has too much happiness to give

If He made me to give it.

I was born to receive it.

Then I recreat it to give someone who is hungry.

This is recreation

What kids love

Where smiles are

When time goes fast

How great is the one

Who loves us

life is recereation
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-10 08:10

novia linda

This is my girlfriend

Nobu-ki, give me that!

Nobu-ki, take off your glasses!

Nobu-ki, come aqui!

I wanna go with Nobu-ki!

I wanna be with Nobu-ki!

I wanna sit by Nobu-ki!

You are Dictinary Poop!

Que linda.

I guess she has more than 5 boyfriends.

Anyway she is just a 3 years old girl.

Camp is coming this summer again

at the beginning of this August.

And this time, a college group from FGF church is coming to Japan

and will attend the camp.

So it is your time to start learnig Gesture or Jesture

I don't even know how to spell it.
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-09 11:33


I made pan yesterday.

I used to dream to be a backery.

It was because the time when I and my family together made bread

was the best memory ever.

Now I know how to make pan.

Someday in the future,

I wannna make a pan to fill the hunger of the world.

Pan grows so fast.
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-06 09:10


I met Jose at the Boxing class.

He reminded me of my best friend in Japan.

He somehow resembles him, not the apperance but the air.

It made me extrano my friends a lot.

And soon I will extrano my friends that I am making here.

For those who do not know the meaning of the word, extrano,

it is not a bad thing to extrano

It is a part of life and love
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-05 03:44

first score

I fainally scored 1 goal from Uruguayans!

They call me, "No" as my nickname.

I cannnot forget it.

These days, my brain is confused by languages.

I wonder how God made these languages.

It should be stressful work for sure.

Whenever I am in abroad,

I always feel their kind heart even though

I cannnot understand the language.

This is the beauty of diversity.

I love them a lot.
by yfa15904 | 2008-02-02 11:16