He is my Shepherd.

by YFA15904
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We went to see the soccer game.

It was huge huge stadium where the very first World cup was held.

We won.

They yelled and got crazy.

I cannnot forget it.

I really really wanted Hiro san to see it. You wll love it!
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-30 03:54


I have too much to write. but the life is getting busier here. I started

taking pictures but I forgot the drive to put those in the computer, so I am

sorry I have to wait until this May unless I find someone who has it.

I will try. Today, I went to the nerest beach to do my homework, which

was to see a statue of the god of fishing. It was stressfull work. It took

30 minutes just to find the statue even though I was walking right across

it. After observing it, and interviewing a person sitting beside the statue,

I was ready to go back and eat my dinner. When I was about to go. I

heard a hot noise from a park. They were dansing! It was crazy. I was

there for more than an hour, I forgot the time. They were genius. I

really wanted my dad to see it. I thought they were even better than

pro in Japan. They were doing something that we Japanese cannot do.

however I do not know what it was. I saw a woman who looked like

25ish years old, at least I thought, but the truth was she was just a 10

years old girl. It was just attractive. I wanted dane with them but I

knew my dance is just a jumping. I miss fountaingate! I love Uruguay.
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-28 09:26


I am being blessed to be able to help Raquel and Mariara cook on

Mondays and Wendesdays. It is really good. I can study spanish through

the conversation with them, learn how to cook, and know more about

them. Cooking is a great way to interact with people, especially with your

important ones. So, when you deside to have your home, choose one

that has big huge cooking space so that all your family can participate in


Raquel said she is now 48 years old, which is about same age as my

parents. And she already has 2 grandsons! Wow. But it takes more for

my parents to have them since both their children are too crazy to be



I wanna tell Makiko that I today ate Banana ball donuts, which were

amazing even better than the ones at Japanese church!

Today there is a Carnival coming!
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-25 03:47


Today, I was surprized by a lady who was giving milk to her baby.

It was in the mall where I went to buy a dictionary. I have a habit

of looking around when I am in new places, but now I had better

watch out otherwise I will be in trouble of seeing a nacked woman.

Do not mistake that it is their culture in Uruguay.

It was just an accident.

Also today, I went to the church attaching to our dorm. I enjoyed

singing Christmas song in this season of the year. The people there

are awesome. And I figured out that Jukari(Yukari) is pretty famous

here. Almost everybody knows her.

Yesterday, I went to run by myself and got lost. My family knows that

I always get lost anywhwere in this world. Anyway, I always enjoy the

thrill of getting lost. I had to ask more than 10 people for direction, and

it took about 80 minutues to get back. I guess I went too far.

Thanks to the fact I easily get lost, I always find new ways.

So, if you feel like you are lost in something, it can be a time for you

to find a new way or path to your goal. Hang in there.

God bless you.

by yfa15904 | 2008-01-21 07:37


It has been a long time since I took flight with someone.

It seems like it is much better to have someone with me to travel

because it was very fun traveling with ACU students.

It is true that somebody said

two are better than one.
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-21 07:19


I am so exited to be here. This is a great place, which has amazing foods,

people, music, beach, and so on. I got here about 2 days ago and found

new facts.

First, Americans like to gather but do not want to be alone. Although

Japanese are always said that we are always with ourselves, it was true

for Amerivcans too!

Second, I am too lazy to take pictures. Since I am so exited at seeing

new things around me in Utruguay, I always forgot to tale pictures. But I

need to do it at some point in this semester to show you how interesting

the city, Montevideo, is.

I went to the beach today and swam. It was just incredible. And when I

walked around the city, I found a kick boxing gym. I talked to a man

there to get to be a part of them, but he spoke too fast in Spanish. So I

just kept saying si, which means yes in the language, and I only thing I

got is that it costs 12 or 13 dollars a month that I think is not so

expensive. I would love to try that.

I am having great time. Thank you all for giving me this chanse, especially

to God and my parents.
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-19 09:53

departure by depature

I just got here in Abilene this morning. It was tough trip, but not as bad

as usual. I got to see a lot of great people on the way, and it made me

love the U.S. and feel that I was home again. However, I have to leave

here the day after tomorrow.

I always have had and will have amazing encounters with incredible

people departure by departure. It makes me a man, and it is His way of


From now on because I cannot use Japanese for about 4 months, I'll try to

upload as many diaries and photos as possible in English. Therefore,

please come visit here to check out what God is doing in my life and yours.
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-15 13:39











成人式かぁ。 おめでとう! 
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-13 01:35












一緒に楽しもう。 ゲームの基本じゃん。
by yfa15904 | 2008-01-11 15:08











by yfa15904 | 2008-01-11 14:59